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HighLow RCT

In partnership with the HRB Mother and Baby Clinical Trials Network (HRB-MBCTNI): INViTE partners are currently recruiting to the international Highlow multicentre, multinational RCT; (NCT01828697; PI Prof Dr. Saskia Middeldorp, Academic Medical Centre, the Netherlands). This study is supported by a Health Research Board grant (DIFA-2017-040)


The Optimised Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiography (CTPA) in Pregnancy Quality and Safety Study (OPTICA): NCT04179487 (


A Prospective observational multicentre study to assess the incidence of and risk factors for Thrombosis In patients with Lower Limb Injuries Requiring Immobilisation (TILLIRI): 550 patients recruited since Jan 2019 at 9 INViTE sites. Additional sites to open soon

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